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What is transcreation?

Do you need transcreation services to reach consumers in your target market? Find out more about this marketing translation service here.

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marketing brochure translation

How do I get marketing brochures translated?

Find out what’s involved in translating marketing brochures and how to get it done in this post exploring the translation process.

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technical marketing translations

How do I get brochures translated?

Need to translate a brochure for a new market? Here we outline the process and key considerations to ensure you get a great job.

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translating brand values

Translating brand values for a global audience

Your brand values – or your client’s if you’re a creative agency working on their behalf – are an integral part of a company’s identity. Memorable brands make us feel or think about them in a certain way. Brand values are the compass not only for how the brand behaves outwardly, but its internal culture

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The translation brief – the recipe for a successful international marketing campaign

A robust translation brief can help international marketing campaigns run smoothly. Here’s why establishing a clear brief delivers the right results.

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Striking the perfect balance of style and accuracy in technical marketing translation projects

We’ve all come across translated sales literature or instruction manuals in the past, in which the translations don’t exactly read fluently or the terminology used is just downright odd! I’m sure you will have seen well-known examples from the many lists of the top 10 bad translations that can be found online. But in all

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No fuss, no muss – how a trusted translation partner can help deliver hassle-free international marketing projects

Deadlines, hassle, urgency. If you work in an international marketing agency you’ll be all too familiar with these. A few last minute changes by the client, and it’s all hands on deck to ensure work is completed by the promised deadline. I know what it’s like. From my experience working with a number of creative

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Global Chatter – January: Social Media Translation

Hello! Zdravo! Kamusta! And a very Happy New Year to all of our readers, all over the world! Welcome back to Global Chatter, Comtec Translations’ online space for collecting and sharing the latest translation news, along with tips, ideas and information all about the interesting world of translation. Whether you’re a multinational business working across

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Translating for luxury brands can present very unique challenges.

Translating copy for luxury brands presents companies with very unique challenges. Keeping the core brand identity and reputation intact while also reaching international audiences with engaging and relevant marketing communications is not always easy.
Many luxury brands are seeing growth in overseas markets as demand for luxury goods in countries such as China remains high. In fact, around half of the world’s spending on luxury brands comes from the expanding Chinese middle classes. Japan and the US follow closely behind, and other regions also saw growth in the luxury sector in 2014.

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