How to use the Comtec Client Portal to work smarter

Here’s how the Comtec Client Portal empowers you:

  • Request Quotes Effortlessly: Obtain quick and accurate quotes for your translation projects with just a few clicks, enabling you to plan and budget more effectively.
  • Upload Documents with Ease: Submit your documents for translation securely and efficiently, ensuring that your sensitive data is protected while being processed.
  • Monitor Project Status in Real-Time: Stay informed about the progress of your translation projects at every stage. Our intuitive dashboard provides real-time updates, so you're never left in the dark.
  • Review and Provide Feedback: Access translated content directly through the portal, making it simple to review and provide feedback. This feature ensures that the final output meets your exact specifications and quality standards.
  • Manage Costs and Access Past Projects: Gain comprehensive insights into your translation spending and manage your budget effectively. The portal also offers easy access to your project history, allowing you to reference past translations whenever needed.

The benefits of using the Comtec Client Portal

The main benefit of integration is that it reduces your time to market.

With deeper integration, your workflows are more streamlined, eliminating the delays typically associated with manual processes. This means faster turnaround times on translations. And by reducing bottlenecks and enhancing coordination, you can swiftly adapt to market demands and seize new opportunities with confidence.

Another benefit is that the Comtec Client Portal simplifies collaboration with remote teams, making it easier than ever to manage international projects.

Plus, you’ll receive notifications when translations are ready for review by specific teams, ensuring a smooth and timely workflow.

Discover how our platform can transform your localisation efforts, helping you bring your products and services to a global audience faster than ever before.