Validate your ideas

Technology helps us to work smarter. Our secure and integrated translation memory (TM) software allows our linguists to build a bank of approved words and terminology with every complete translation.

Whether you’re launching a product, service or campaign, test your ideas on real target users in each market, and get insight on which are the best opportunities to invest in.

We can help you learn:

  • The overall concept effectiveness within your target audience
  • The potential weaknesses or pitfalls
  • Where you stand relative to existing competitors

Early insights mean future success

Getting these sorts of learnings early on helps speed up the launch process since you’ll have taken the guesswork out of several of the stages:

  • Learn which aspects of the concept need work before you go live, saving time and money
  • Use the findings from concept testing to form the basis of your localised launch messaging, focusing on each market’s favourite points
  • Use the competitor differentiation findings in your comms planning to give you maximum stand-out and brand uniqueness