• Better communication
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Competitive advantage
  • Opens up new markets

Cultural awareness workshops, for teams of 5 to 200, help your employees to work together as one. These workshops allow them to see and value eachother’s differences and harness their team’s diversity to improve productivity, creativity, efficiency and profit.

What does it cover?

You’ll be working with cultural awareness experts and experienced workshop facilitators who will tailor your programme to the specific business needs and cultures involved.

Understanding the different cultures within your workforce will help employees to interact with each other better on a daily basis. It will also strengthen communication, productivity and teamwork and allow you to maximise the wealth of benefits that a culturally diverse team brings.

It’s not just international teams that can benefit from cultural awareness, but also marketing departments looking to engage customers on a global scale. Understanding other cultures will allow you to create more engaging campaigns that resonate wherever they land.

We’ll usually kick things off with fact-finding; typically surveys and reports for team members to complete so that we can ascertain the cultural landscape and level of cultural understanding. Once we have this, we’ll build your bespoke workshop programme.

We want to ensure you see results and depending on the discussions held during the workshop, we may suggest a buddy system between team members to keep each other supported and create an ongoing skill assessment and development plan if necessary.