Strategy is all about planning before you execute. And when it comes to global strategies, having a deep understanding of the culture of your chosen locations is a lot more important than you might think. In most cases, an in-house audit won’t provide the level of detail and insight needed to strengthen your strategies for a global audience. You need an expert.

At Comtec, our cultural analysis begins by gaining a deep understanding of your business strategy and what drives your ambitions to target your chosen regions and audiences. We then go on to share insights into relevant cultural impacts in those specific target regions, right down to the smallest detail.

This can include anything from comparing similarities and differences in your home and target regions, linguistic and cultural nuances that could impact campaigns, exploring individualistic or collective cultural formats, or cultural impacts on brand relevance and activation. It’s an open-ended, all-encompassing service that gets into the fine details that you might otherwise miss.

Through a number of strategy workshops, reflective campaign reviews and new campaign proposals, we work closely with you to build a robust strategy that you can be confident in.

Culture is multifaceted and complex. We don’t pretend otherwise. But we have spent over 40 years studying its nuances so that we can prepare businesses with the best possible strategies when going global.