Delivering Actionable Information

LQA models are created in MemoQ, our online translation review platform, and this lets us capture the data needed to form KPIs and produce quality reporting.

An important part of the LQA assessment is error checking, and each error category can carry a different severity based on the MQM (Multidimensional Quality Metrics) framework. Typically, errors are scored Critical, Major and Minor, and help to provide an overall quality score.

Quality reports are produced from each LQA-assessed translation, which can be completed after a certain number of projects or a pre-agreed volume of translated content, and they form the basis of quarterly reports that you can benchmark over time.

Benefits of LQA Reporting:

  • Continuously improve the quality of your content
  • KPI tracking and benchmarking
  • Identify areas of focus for post-editing and proof-reading stages, saving time and money
  • Provide ROI data to support internal decision-making
  • Improve transparency and communication across teams
  • Mature your translation resources over time