Why localise your social media?

Just as the way we use language varies by country, so does the way we interact with social media. That’s why having a global social marketing strategy is vital to any brand’s international success.

Here are just some of the ways it pays to invest in localisation:

  • Sound like a native, in any language
  • Take advantage of viral trends
  • Use emojis or hashtags that really resonate in your target market
  • From current slang to topical jokes, turbo-charge your messaging to sound as natural as possible
  • Boost brand credibility and trust
  • Maximise ROI through increased engagement and shares

Comtec are the cultural experts

Culture is multifaceted and complex. We don’t pretend otherwise. But we have spent over 40 years studying these nuances so that we can prepare businesses with the best possible strategies when going global.

Perhaps more than any other channel, social media is particularly sensitive to cultural nuance. It’s a mirror of popular culture, so having an expert in the room to help you plan a campaign and craft messaging that really resonates with your target audience is always going to be a wise investment.

Social Media Audits

Do you already have social media live in a foreign market? Have our channel experts analyse your posts and engagement, providing you with a report that shows what’s working well and what could benefit from further localisation. We’ll provide suggestions and examples to help make your social media marketing even more impactful.