Translation Memory Software

Technology helps us to work smarter. Our secure and integrated translation memory (TM) software allows our linguists to build a bank of approved words and terminology with every complete translation.

Benefits of our Translation Memory Software:

  • Faster turnaround times, meaning faster time to market for our clients
  • Reduced translation costs – every little saving helps
  • Consistency of translations across channels, enhancing brand reputation on all platforms
  • Streamlined project management, reducing the back and forth
  • Access for local market reviewers, streamlining the approval process by up to 50%
  • Semi-automated QA functionality
  • Real-time progress updates for our clients – accessible via Comtec Client Portal

Translation Memory isn’t just for ongoing clients. At the start of our partnership, we can upload any existing translations you have into the system to start building your translation memory from the get-go.

Terminology Management with QTerm

With our terminology management tool, Qterm, local review teams can cross-reference and make real-time updates to glossaries while approving translations in our Online Translation Review Platform, MemoQWeb.

  • Quick, easy to add/update terms
  • Allows continuous updates to glossaries
  • Avoids costly, lengthy annual updates
  • Add definitions, synonyms and example uses for all terms, ensuring accuracy and context
  • Linguists learn your preferred terms faster
  • Reviewers freed up to focus on other tasks
  • Translations are published faster