Our values and what they mean to you

It’s no exaggeration to say that our values are at the heart of everything we do. They’re evident in every conversation, every email, every transaction, and every relationship – day in, day out.

So – what are those values? And, more importantly, what do they mean to you?

Three things shape everything we do here at Comtec:

  • our passion for exceptional quality
  • our commitment to creating effective translation teams
  • our determination to find new and fresh ways of doing things

We’ve broken those things down into the six values outlined below.

We love what we do

We’re happy, fun, engaging, positive, enthusiastic and cheerful. Why are we all those things? Because we genuinely love what we do! We have a passion for languages, for making our clients’ lives easier, and for delivering translations that get real results.

But the results we deliver aren’t the only reason our clients come back to us again and again. They enjoy working with us because we’re friendly, thoughtful and caring. If you asked them, they’d say we’re all-round nice people to work with.

We’re in it together

Whether you’re part of a large global corporation or an ambitious smaller business looking to expand into international markets, one truth remains: business is about people. And life is all the more enjoyable when you’re working with people you know, like and trust.

We’re all about teamwork, and we thrive on building fulfilling relationships – with our customers, our experts and each other. We’re collaborative, helpful, and supportive. We want to make a difference – and we do! We do it by talking and, most importantly, listening. To your goals and needs, and to the ways in which we can make your life easier.

We’re always learning

We’re great at what we do – but that doesn’t mean we’re complacent! We’re naturally curious, and love to learn, grow and develop so we can provide you with an even better service.

There are always new and fresh ways to do things, and we’re eager to improve. We look for opportunities to learn from every situation, and regularly ask for feedback – from each other, from our clients, and
from our suppliers.

We don’t stand still

Frankly, we can’t afford to! We’re at the top of our game and we plan to stay there!

We’re innovative, creative and full of ideas. We know there’s always room for improvement, and we’re always looking for new and better ways to solve our client’s challenges. In turn, they know that however seemingly impossible the problem, we always find a way.

Our forward-thinking, proactive nature means we’re continually on the lookout for fresh new ways to use technology to improve our service.

We keep our word

All this talk means nothing if we don’t stick to our word! Fortunately, we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We’re honest, reliable, fair and trustworthy. We’re committed to our clients, we value integrity, and we get the job done.

When we say we’ll do something, we do it. No get-outs, no excuses.

To our clients, that means top-quality translations, on time and on budget. They know they can trust us to deliver – and to have their back, no matter how great the challenge (or the urgency!).

Frankly (my dear), we give a damn

Lastly, and most importantly of all, we care. We care about our clients and the challenges they face with their translations – and we’re here to relieve that pressure.

We’re hands on, committed, helpful, supportive and dedicated. When you work with Comtec, you’re guaranteed our full attention and nothing less than our best. Every client, every job, every time.