Culture in the translation process

Why is it so essential to incorporate culture into the translation process?

In this blog, we’ll be exploring the essential role cultural awareness plays when creating and translating content.

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What is machine translation?

What is Machine Translation?

What is machine translation, how reliable is it, and when should we be using it? This blog explores all this and more.

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Cultural awareness

From increased productivity to better working relationships: why you should invest in cultural awareness

A look at how an understanding of the nuances of global culture can help foster more inclusive environments, and ultimately drive success.

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What ISO 17100 means for you and your translations

What ISO 17100 means for you and your translations

For anyone that prioritises quality, ISO 17100 is a way of ensuring the highest possible standards. Comtec was one of the first translation companies to achieve it.

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language facts

10 fascinating language facts to impress your friends

From the world’s longest word, to the world’s shortest alphabet, in this blog we take a look at 10 fascinating facts on language to impress your friends.

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Onboarding a translation partner

How to onboard your translation partner

Selecting and onboarding a translation agency takes a lot of planning. In this blog, we’ll walk you through key things to think about before making your choice.

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Preparing content for translation

How to prepare content for translation

For anyone looking to expand into new markets, preparing content for translation is a key step to success. This blog will walk you through everything you need to consider before pressing send.

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technical translations

How to select the perfect technical translation partner

When translating technical content, fast turnaround times, complete accuracy and managing costs to ensure a healthy ROI are all essential.
As you might imagine, it can be a big undertaking.

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Valentines Day

‘I Love You’ – A Multilingual Valentine’s Card!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did this morning’s post bring cards, chocolates, flowers and gifts aplenty from your significant other…or secret admirer? Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, originally a saint’s day but now more closely associated with romance and love.

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