Webinar: Every Company Has a Story: Unwrapping effective global comms with packaging giant Klöckner Pentaplast

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

Our webinar series, Every Company Has a Story, puts our clients in the spotlight as we hear from them about how they’ve worked to widen international reach, bring people closer and enable their businesses to make a greater impact on a global scale.

Internal communications are just as important as the marketing communications that engage customers and consumers; and when you work for a global organisation, it is business-critical to ensure internal communications are inclusive wherever in the world your employees are based.

In this webinar, Krista Linnell, Comtec’s Head of Marketing is joined by Dawn Trail, Group Director Corporate Communications, Klöckner Pentaplast, to discuss how internal comms and team performance can be super-charged across disparate international workforce.

Via Klöckner Pentaplast’s own story, we hear about:

  • Why internal communications are so crucial.
  • Understanding your employee audience and how to motivate them.
  • Considerations when delivering your internal communications strategy.
  • The future of internal communications and making sure you get that much needed engagement.