Webinar: How to master local market translation reviews

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

We’re sharing the lessons we’ve learnt working with marketing professionals from all industry sectors, helping to make their international campaigns a success by leveraging tailor-made language services and their local market teams.

Your team has worked hard to create a great brand idea, strapline or campaign. The translation team delivered their best according to your brief. You now need to ensure you’re happy that the messaging in the translated comms hits the spot with the target audiences across cultures and languages. And who better placed to help confirm this than your local market colleagues? Working hand in hand with a trusted translation partner, you’ve got yourself a winning formula.

The right partner will take a holistic approach to your projects, not just translating, but helping to streamline the review process and supporting your in-country teams. This allows you to focus on your day job, knowing you can trust them to get on with the project and deliver the desired outcome, while achieving buy-in from your international colleagues. The result: high-quality multilingual comms that are produced much quicker.

In this webinar you’ll discover:

  • What a translation review looks like.
  • Why local sign off / reviews are important.
  • How to establish an effective review process.
  • The role of a translation partner in facilitating the reviews and the tools for the job.