The Comtec Guide To Valentine’s Day: How to plan an international campaign

Posted: 13 Fév 2024

Looking to create a Valentine’s Day campaign for multiple markets?

Whether you work in marketing, HR or just want to be culturally sensitive towards multinational colleagues, communication means more when it’s localised to your audience.

Too often, UK or US-based companies fall into the “groupthink” trap and take a one-size-fits-all approach to special days such as Valentine’s or Christmas. But not all cultures celebrate in the same way, and acknowledging that can bring huge business benefits.

Use our handy guide to craft messaging that’s just right for whoever you’re talking to, wherever they are.

Valentine’s Day isn't the same for everyone

You may think that every country celebrates in the same way – chocolates and a bunch of flowers on February 14th.

Well, think again!

For some countries, the date is different, and for some cultures, there are traditional gifts that only a local would know about. Check out our handy infographic below to make sure your messaging and creative, or even your internal comms, feel as localised and relevant as possible.

Infographic: Valentine’s Day around the world

How Comtec can help your marketing campaign planning

Comtec is the UK’s leading translation agency, specialising in cultural localisation. Whatever you’re trying to do, from acquiring new customers to creating campaigns with more impact, or even designing employee engagement programs that really hit the mark, we can help.

Valentine’s Day is just one of the seasonal events you might be trying to leverage for your campaign planning. Check out our Christmas Day Around The World infographic – it will show you where, when and how Christmas is celebrated in different countries all over the globe.

Our team of over 4,000 specialist linguists cover more than 250 languages, and we help companies from all sectors, including Marketing, HR, eLearning and Development to get their messaging as relevant as possible. Get in touch and see how we can help you take your translations to the next level.