Introducing your Translation Partner

At Comtec we support businesses to reach new markets and new customers worldwide.

As the translation company of choice for some of the most successful international brands, we provide language services of the highest quality for our clients, from translation and localisation of digital, print and video content to interpreting and transcription.

Communication drives global strategies and with our worldwide network of specialist linguists, we help our clients to communicate in over 200 languages.

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“What makes Comtec different is that, aside from the translations, they’re really committed to an excellent service. They take the time to work with us as a really strong partner. As a result, we can deliver a really strong service to our clients.” Louise Pasterfield, Managing Director, Sponge

As a leading digital learning provider, Sponge use our e-learning translation services to develop fully localised programmes into a wide variety of languages for their international clients. To find out more about how we go the extra mile to deliver an outstanding client experience and high quality translations for clients like Sponge, watch the video…

Transparent pricing

We work to tight deadlines

Translating for over 30 years

ISO 9001:2015 certified

3000+ linguists in our network

200+ languages offered

Award Winning Project Management Team

We’ve got CBE’s, Language graduates, Translation graduates, Business graduates, new recruits and old timers all under one roof, and all driven by the same things – their passion for languages, enthusiasm for delivering the best service possible and commitment to quality. We also have thousands of expert translators around the globe who we handpick for each individual project based on their specialist knowledge.

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Any translation project, we have you covered

Why Comtec?

To a lot of our clients, we’re more than just a translation agency – we’re their translation partner. And just like many partnerships, ours are based on trust, transparency and enjoyable working relationships. Delivering the highest quality, our clients trust us with their translation projects, knowing that we can adapt our processes and technology to perfectly suit their needs. And of course, they like our dedicated approach and passion for delivering results.

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