The Comtec Client Portal

The Comtec Client Portal links to our bespoke translation management system (TMS), giving our clients complete transparency and control over projects. With one click you can request quotes, upload documents for translation, check the status of projects, review translations, manage project costs and access all past translations. We’ll even send you notifications when your translations are ready to be reviewed by your team.
online review tool

Online Review Tool

Accessible through the Comtec Client Portal, our secure online review tool lets in-country teams view translated content and provide their feedback quickly and easily. You can collaborate with your teams no matter where they log on from, manage review tasks and get seamless feedback without leaving the client portal.

We’ll then use that feedback to make any necessary updates to the translation memory and glossary once the final content is signed off.

Bespoke CAT

Computer Aided Translation tools

Translation memory software:

Technology helps us to work smarter. Our secure translation memory software allows our linguists to build a bank of approved words and terminology with every complete translation. Using integrated translation memory (TM) software, means we can capture ‘pre-approved’ translations for terms, common phrases or regularly used paragraphs of text – meaning you never pay for the same translation twice.

Once in the system, they can be recalled and used for ongoing projects. They can also be updated with feedback or learnings from one translation to the next. TM not only creates consistency across translations but makes the process more efficient, lowering costs with each translation.

TM software isn’t just for ongoing clients. At the start of our partnership we can upload any existing translations you have into the system to start building your translation memory from the get go.

Terminology management

Together we’ll build and maintain a list of approved terminology across your organisation. This helps to speed up the translation process and ensures consistency between projects, markets, products and teams.


Use our range of connectors to automate your translation workflow and upload and publish quality translations on an ongoing basis with just the click of a button.

Our connectors integrate with your in-house systems, meaning that content can be directly translated without the need for transferring files or using copy and paste. This allows you to increase the speed and even quantity of translations you share with us.

Don’t worry, we’d never publish a translation without your approval. You’ll always have access to check your translations in our hub before they go live.

We have several existing connectors that can be deployed off the shelf, but we also have the capability of creating new ones. So if you don’t see your CMS (Content Management System) on the list, just ask and we’d be happy to help.

Our current connectors work with systems including: WordPress, Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager, Umbraco, Contentful, Sitecore.

Comtec’s Translation API

Supporting your ongoing translation requirements

Alongside our range of connectors, we also offer a secure, fully documented RESTful translation API.

This technology works in a similar way to a translation connector, but enables us to build bespoke connections with your in-house system, whether that is a Content Management System, Document Management System or Learning Management System.

With a seamless integration tailored to your exact needs, you can:

  • Automate the sharing of content as part of a clearly defined translation workflow
  • Request translations from within your platforms and applications
  • Gain immediate access to Comtec’s 200-language translation services
  • Receive translated content of the highest quality and accuracy

Our API allows us to remove the room for error that comes with manual processes and streamline the translation workflow. It makes the entire translation process quicker, more consistent and cost-effective – without compromising on quality.

Machine Translations for budget conscious, quick turnarounds

Machine Translations (MT) help deliver the balance between creating translations that connect with your audience, while lowering costs and speeding up turnarounds. Instead of taking a human-first approach, MT uses technology for the initial translation, before being post-edited by one of our linguists. It is particularly useful for less creative translations that have a tight turnaround or strict budget.

Cloud Integrations

Make translations seamless with our cloud-based integrations. Connect your Box, Dropbox and Zendesk account and then select the content for translation. With one click, the integration will send it straight to our hub for translation. Once completed, you can have your translations sent straight back to your cloud platform, or access them at any time on the client portal.

This integration helps speed up time-to-market, removes the errors found in manual processes and saves costs while boosting ROI.