AI-Powered Machine Translation

Produce translated content quickly and cost-effectively using the latest AI-powered machine translation technology.

As genuine language experts, we've finely tuned our model to give you the best quality output. All our machine-translated content is reviewed by a real human selected for their suitability for your project. Depending on your budget, the review process can be as involved or light-touch as you wish.
AI content generation

AI Content Generation

If you want to produce a lot of content quickly, our proprietary AI-based content generation solution - Clara - might be for you.

We'll take your reference material - branding, tone of voice, even keyword targets - and fine-tune the model to your requirements. Once this setup stage is done, we can write prompts to create reams of content that sound so natural you'll think it's been written by an in-market copywriter.

Create content such as product descriptions, social media posts, blog posts, landing page content, marketing material and much, much more.

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Translation Memory & Management

Technology helps us to work smarter. Our secure translation memory software allows our linguists to build a bank of approved words and terminology for your project, ensuring significant long-term cost reductions.

As well as reducing costs, our translation memory (TM) software helps speed up the translation process and ensures consistency between projects, markets, products, and teams.

Work Smarter

We've built the Comtec Client Portal to give our clients complete visibility and control over their projects.

By linking to our bespoke translation management system (TMS), you can use the Comtec Client Portal to:

- Request quotes
- Upload documents for translation
- Check the status of projects
- Review translated content and provide feedback
- Manage costs and access past projects

Our technology makes it easier than ever to work with remote teams. We'll even send you a notification when your translation is ready to be reviewed by a particular team.

Smart Integration

We use a range of connectors to integrate with your in-house systems, so you can upload and publish translations with just the click of a button.

Whatever system you use, we can either use an off-the-shelf connector or build a bespoke connection through a secure, fully documented translation API.

We also use cloud-based integrations. Just connect your Box, Dropbox or Zendesk account (or any cloud-based solution) and with one click you can send or receive content.

The benefits of integration:

- Speed up time-to-market
- Remove errors in manual processes
- Save costs
- Easier cross-team coordination

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