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Grow faster, for less

Create multilingual content faster than ever

Does your business depend on multilingual content to grow? Do you want to make your localisation budget stretch further?

With Clara, you can create native-sounding content directly from a prompt. Blog content, SEO rich copy, social media posts... you name it, Clara can create it.

Clara has been designed by expert linguists and built by engineers with deep experience in the localisation field, so you get the best of both worlds: The speed and ease of ChatGPT-like content creation that's fact-checked and proofread by our expert linguists. Our human-in-the-loop approach means you have the confidence in the output, protecting your brand reputation in your international markets.

When to use a multilingual content generator

Clara is right for you if:

  • You’re spending a lot on English copywriting to generate content for translation.

  • You’re already using ChatGPT to produce marketing content in English.

  • You have a regular requirement for translating short pieces into a specific selection of languages.

  • You need content fast.

  • You would like to generate more multilingual content but are on a tight budget.

  • Your multilingual content doesn’t need to be the same as English

  • You want to create fully bespoke content for each market.

  • You’re spending too much time fine-tuning translated content to suit a specific market.

  • You need a flexible workflow.

Watch our explainer video to understand how Clara blends linguistic expertise with cutting-edge AI

Our human-in-the-loop technology means you get the best of both worlds

Our expert linguists have worked with industry-leading data engineers to build something unique. Learn about what makes her special.

Human-in-the-loop technology

Our language and data experts will take your prompt and any reference material (brand TOV documents, website content, historic posts or blogs) and manage the content creation process for you, checking for factual accuracy, tone and style and brand consistency in the final output.

Access 570GB of data

Clara is a custom-built ChatGPT-like tool that allows users to interact with a large language model (LLM), creating multilingual content based on huge data sets, straight from a prompt. In addition to question answering, Clara has been fine-tuned for one specific task, content generation (AI copywriting). Clara is especially good at generating creative content such as social media posts and website copy, leveraging the datasets used by OpenAI's GPT-4.

Accuracy and fine-tuning

The real magic behind Clara is its ability upload all kinds of reference documents to Clara, and it will automatically learn from them. This is how to fine-tune Clara, and this is why it's smarter than ChatGPT and Google Translate.

Language capabilities

There are pretty much no limitations to the number of languages that Clara can support. However, it's no secret that large language models are primarily trained on English data, and perform well in European languages (French, Italian, German and Spanish), as well as Eastern European languages and the most common Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

How much does generative AI cost?

Compared with traditional, fully human services like transcreation (where a fluent copywriter writes you bespoke copy in your target language), we estimate that Clara can save you up to half the overall cost of the project. And if you have to use an English-speaking copywriter to get the content in English first, you’re going to save even more. And that’s only considering budget spend; in terms of time, you’ll also save lots there once the initial set-up is done.

Of course, using Clara, you will get a different fluency service level and overall quality than if you were to use a fully human service. Transcreation, for example, involves a highly specialised linguist, professionally trained in crafting messages for a particular audience or content type.

Each localisation project is unique, and whatever your project requires, we can advise you on how to get the best quality output given your budget and timing requirements.

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