Meet Clara from Comtec

Clara is built by linguists, specifically for localisation. This means she can help you to create more natural-sounding, accurate and scalable content than any other LLM engine.

Currently, Clara supports four languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

How does Clara work?

Similar to ChatGPT or any AI tool, Clara works from a prompt (which we can help you write) and uses reference material to guide the output. This might be your brand style guide, your tone of voice, previously published blogs or particular news articles. That way, your brand is protected – the content Clara writes will sound faithful to your brand, whilst still being fully localised to your target audience.

Want to see how a live demo? We’d love to show you!

In a nutshell, here’s how the onboarding process looks:

Work smarter than ever before

Clara is a fully AI-based multilingual content creation tool that can do the work of literally hundreds of specialists, saving you time and money.

  • Able to write in any style, from funny to informative to company spokesperson
  • Able to adapt content for any platform, from Instagram to LinkedIn, website landing pages to blogs
  • Aware of market trends in each locale
  • Sounds like a native in any audience
  • Can process any source document in under a second
  • Can become an expert in any sector

When (*and when not) to use Clara

Clara is great for:

  • Generating native-sounding content at scale
  • Handling large-scale projects (multiple languages or multiple outputs)
  • Medium and long-term engagements (not one-offs)
  • Saving time on brief writing
  • Saving time on editing
  • Saving cost if the alternative is using multiple copywriters

Human translation, copywriting or transcreation is better for:

  • One-off projects
  • Projects where accuracy is key
  • Highly sensitive content (e.g. legal documents)
  • Highly technical translations
  • Projects where you need full creative control over the output (you have a set thing you want to say, and a set way you want to say it)