How it works

Create realistic voices for your learning content

Using AI to generate human-sounding voices for your eLearning content is a no-brainer: not only do you save considerable time and money, helping your budget stretch further, but you can also update and amend your voiceover instantly - all while preserving the quality of the final output!

Also known as synthetic voiceover or text-to-speech, we use AI to convert written transcripts into an automatically-generated voice that sounds as convincing as a human. Just as you can hand-pick your real-life voiceover artists, you can just as easily select your preferred gender, accent, age, pitch and speed of your synthetic speaker.

Available in a growing list of languages, AI voiceover enables your training content to connect with every audience, sounding like a native in any language.
There are many reasons you might consider AI Voiceover for your eLearning programs.

Your budget goes further

Using AI voiceover is usually much more cost-effective than using real human voice actors, particularly when you factor in multiple languages and re-takes.

It’s quick and easy

If you’re on a deadline, AI voiceover lets you quickly produce large volumes of content, greatly reducing editing and production times versus human voice actors. It’s a great option for large-scale courses or projects that require multilingual content.

More control

For large-scale courses that need frequent updates over time, AI voiceovers reduce the dependency on human actor availability, allowing you to make changes or revisions without booking re-recordings.

Make your content more inclusive

Automated voiceover is also a great way to ensure your content is fully accessible. Using AI voiceover for screen reader content makes it easier than ever to make your learning available for everyone.
AI voiceover quality

Is AI voiceover good quality?

With the right expert to help guide the process, AI voiceover can sound as natural, bright and engaging as real human voice. AI voiceover is also a great way to preserve quality and consistency over multiple pieces of content, such as courses with lots of modules or a program that needs localising into various languages.

Synthetic voice also makes handling specialised content easy. AI voices can be fine-tuned for technical or niche topics to pronounce industry-specific terminology correctly and consistently.
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