Let’s get exporting! Proactive approaches to exporting in abundance at BCC Global Business Network Live

On Tuesday 1st November I attended BCC Global Business Network Live in London, organised by the British Chambers of Commerce. The annual event, focussed on international trade, is designed to help businesses grow by demystifying the process of export and giving them the advice, resources and expertise they need to succeed.

As a language services provider working in over 200 languages and supporting businesses from a wide range of industries to promote their goods and services overseas, Comtec was keen to be in attendance and keep up-to-date with the latest export news and tips.

Positivity looms large

Despite uncertainty surrounding commerce and trade with the EU in a post-Brexit business environment, it was very encouraging to see such positivity from all of the speakers, panellists and businesses in attendance.

In a poll carried out on the day, 70% of attendees saw Brexit as an opportunity for exports and 44% reported no immediate impact to their business in the wake of the referendum decision.

This positive start to proceedings carried throughout the rest of the day. During the first panel discussion of the day, ‘Secrets to SME Exporter Success’, panellist Neil Smith of Polyseam stressed that in these times business need to ‘jump in, be proactive and look for opportunities’. Neil Kuschel of DHL also reinforced the fact that UK businesses must be fearless and ‘grab opportunity’ for exports outside of the EU.

Experts on exports

In addition to a number of informative sessions focusing on exports to overseas markets and e-commerce, attendees were also able to glean export tips from the experts, enjoying the success stories of business Co-Founders Sarah Wood (Unruly), Will Butler-Adams (Brompton Bicycle) and Charles Rolls (Fever-Tree).

We were particularly pleased to hear Charles Rolls of Fever-Tree recommend getting people on the ground in target markets to gain the best local knowledge possible. This definitely strikes a chord with Comtec’s approach to translation projects – capturing local knowledge is a sure fire recipe for success!

A successful and insightful day

All in all, BCC Global Business Network Live was insightful, informative and encouraging and we look forward to applying the knowledge we gained to continue to support all of our clients with their export endeavours.

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