GDPR compliance training should be engaging, effective…and fun!

Over the last year or so, the subject of GDPR has been a popular topic of conversation, articles and webinars. I’ve been guilty of adding to the general hullabaloo with my own blog post about GDPR and communicating with a global workforce!

Of course, as a translation services provider we’ve been quite busy recently translating compliance content for various clients; as well as ensuring that we’re compliant with the new legislation ourselves. I also work with many of our e-learning clients and it’s been interesting to see the resources they’ve created to communicate about GDPR.

This blog post is not about translation, but instead an opportunity to share some of the GDPR compliance training resources our clients have developed. These are available in English for you to explore and learn from, although if you require GDPR content translated for other markets I’m sure we can help.

We’re very proud to support two of the best e-learning companies in the industry: Logicearth and Sponge UK. Take a look at what they have developed to ensure GDPR compliance training is engaging and effective… and fun!

GDPR – Sorted! from Sponge UK


One of the most important ‘must haves’ of any compliance training material is that it’s engaging. Sponge UK have certainly got that sorted with their GDPR – Sorted! game. It’s an engaging visual experience, with intuitive game mechanics that gives employees a base of GDPR knowledge and then reinforces it through multiple levels and replays.

Get a demo of the game here.

Interactive, animated GDPR training from Logicearth

Logicearth logo

Logicearth has a refreshing approach to learning about GDPR. They have created 7 short animated topics with checklist takeaways – ensuring that no one will forget the rules. In a little over 20 minutes, staff will be aware of their responsibilities under the new legislation.

Animation is a particularly effective way of engaging an audience and the characters and scenarios played out in the videos are easy to identify with.

Get a demo of the course here and a chance to win a free copy.

At the time of publishing this blog post, the GDPR ‘go live’ date (25th May 2018) is just three weeks away. If you haven’t already started the process of training staff here in the UK – or in other countries – about their responsibilities under GDPR, there’s still time to do so. Compliance training materials, like those featured above, are highly effective at reinforcing key messages around GDPR and ensuring staff understand how it affects them.

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