Global Chatter – June: The Language Learning Edition

Hello! Guten tag! Yia sou! Sawubona! Welcome to Global Chatter, Comtec Translations’ monthly round-up of news, views, ideas and interesting titbits from the front lines of language and translation.

This month we present our language learning edition to celebrate the launch of our brand new, super helpful centres for learning French and Spanish. To give you even more language learning inspiration this round-up features a fresh batch of our favourite online blogs and resources all about how to get to grips with new a language.

In this edition of Global Chatter: Discover Sylvia Duckworth’s indispensable collection of resources for teaching and learning French, learn more about raising multilingual children with Becky Morales and start becoming “Fluent Forever” with Gabriel Wyner.

The Ultimate Collection of French Learning Resources

france-664858_960_720Whether you want to learn French yourself, or are a French teacher looking for fresh resources to help your own students learn, Canadian French teacher Sylvia Duckworth‘s blog is an absolute goldmine. Crammed with e-learning resources subdivided by theme (including videos and online games), smartboard files for teachers and even songs, this lovingly curated website is a treasure trove of French learning resources which are totally free to use. Merci beaucoup, Sylvia!

How to Raise Multilingual Children

Whether you and your partner have different mother tongues, or you’re keen for your youngster to become bilingual early in life, ESL and Spanish teacher Becky Morales‘ blog, Kid World Citizen, is a great place to go for information and inspiration, featuring everything from think pieces to great activities for young language learners. This particular blog features a chain of parents from multilingual families, each asking the next a question about their experiences and recommendations. It makes fascinating and helpful reading for anyone hoping to bring up their little ones in more than one language.

Becoming Fluent Forever

shutterstock_199514828As an opera singer, Fluent Forever founder Gabriel Wyner was constantly challenged to remember and recite German, Italian, French, English and Russian as part of his profession. His fascinating blog captures his attempt to discover efficient ways to learn languages and become fluent. With 625 lists (featuring 625 core pieces of vocabulary) in multiple tongues – including Bosnian, discussions on fluency and faster language acquisition, plus much more, this is an inspiring resource for anybody keen to add a fresh language to their repertoire.

How many languages can you speak? How many are you fluent in? Did you pick up a language later in life or learn a second tongue as a child? Share your stories, tips and favourite resources with other readers below.