Headz Up Business’s annual conference shares all the tricks of the social media marketing trade

Are you considering putting together a social media marketing strategy for your business? Interested in learning the ropes with it comes to LinkedIn and Twitter? Ready to get to grips with the world of Facebook Ads, Twitter Cards and Google Analytics? Headz Up Business’ Social Media Marketing Conference is the one-stop social media shop you’ve been looking for.

At this year’s conference, held at Hotel Novotel in Wolverhampton on Friday 25th November, Headz Up Business’ founder, Pushpa Alexander greeted attendees and encouraged us to be social from the get go.

While delegates filled the conference’s Twitter wall with greetings, thoughts and feedback, we were presented with a series of engaging, practical seminars by some of the social media marketing industry’s key players.

Digital and social media marketing author, Annmarie Hanlon, shared her 20 expert tips to generate leads on LinkedIn. From advice on developing the perfect profile to best practice when it comes to strategically making and requesting new connections, Annmarie covered all bases and left everyone eager to get online and try out the new ideas we’d been introduced to. One particular tip I’ve taken on board right away it to always ensure to send a personal message when you connect with someone. A more personal introduction will increase the chances of them connecting with you.

Later that day, Tom Mallens, Director of Fibercore, gave a hugely informative, fun and engaging talk on using Facebook Adverts to attract interest in your business and of course, increase sales. Top tips from Tom included approaching target audiences with a laser focus and ensuring that your CTAs are specific in order to guide the customer to click and explore what your company can offer them.

Other seminars throughout the day included an introduction to Google AdWords by Abbey Oladapo from The Digital Garage and a masterclass on how to create engaging content by Director of digital marketing agency Calloway Green, Chris Green.

A big thank you goes out to Pushpa Alexander and the team at Headz Up Business for organising such an insightful, inspiring and enjoyable event. As a marketer myself, I’m excited to try out the new tactics I’ve learnt to promote our translation services across all of our social media channels and look forward to seeing the results!

You can now visit http://www.headzupbusiness.co.uk/ to register for next year’s conference.

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