international translation day

What is International Translation Day 2019?

international translation day

On Monday 30th September language professionals around the world will be celebrating International Translation Day. The United Nations marks this international day because of “the role of language professionals in connecting nations and fostering peace, understanding and development.”

At Comtec, we’ll be celebrating as well as getting on with the important job of translating our clients’ content so they can connect with others around the world. To mark this day, I thought it would be interesting to poll our team to find out what translation means to them.

What does translation mean to our team?


  • For me, it means making the impossible possible – translation helps connect people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to communicate. – Emily Decker
  • Connecting people and cultures through language – Sarah Eames
  • Bridging the gap between different languages. – Elliott Cain
  • Translation means that different cultures and communities are able to interact and learn from each other. – Jamie Davies
  • For me, it is about helping people to do business anywhere so they can take advantage of all opportunities worldwide. – Sophie Howe


  • Translation is being able to convey a message to other people across the whole world. – Megan Stevenson
  • Translation for me is about global communication. – Jane Grant
  • It’s a way of getting closer to colleagues, customers and friends around the world. – Susan Lankfer
  • For me translation is a means of global communication which brings us closer together. – Tanya Bain
  • It is a communication tool that helps spread information. – Carole Flanagan


  • Translation is the art of understanding! – Kasia Bidston
  • For me, translation means communication. Helping people to engage with and understand one another. – James Brown


  • Providing translated materials means that everyone is treated equally. – Emma Hayesmoore
  • To me, translation means giving us the opportunity to work with different businesses and cultures; it makes the world so much more accessible! – Helen Deeley
  • The importance of translation means for me a way of creating a competitive advantage for UK exporters! – Isabella Moore

What does translation mean to you?

If you’re a language professional or you use translation to communicate with customers, employees or business associates, we would love to hear what translation means to you.  Please share your thoughts with us on social media channels using #ComtecInternationalTranslationDay

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