Building the right Localisation team

  • All of our linguists have a minimum of 5 years of full-time professional translation and localisation experience.
  • They possess specialist industry knowledge and offer a deep understanding of the target market, culture, and audience.
  • Additionally, they have strong linguistic skills, research skills, and emotional intelligence.

Review Stage & Ongoing QA

  • Proofreading of localised copy by a second specialist linguist
  • Proofread content is shared with the original linguist for approval
  • Feedback from local markets is reviewed and finalised by our linguists
  • Pre-delivery QA carried out by our in-house team
  • Translation memory environment to store pre-approved content
  • Ongoing sampling of linguist performance by independent linguists

Online Review Tool

Our secure online review tool lets in-country teams view localised content and provide feedback quickly and easily. That feedback can then be used to make updates to the translation memory and glossary once the final content is signed off.