Business transcription services

With a written record of the spoken word, content can then be translated into one or more other languages. It is used in a variety of situations, ranging from court proceedings and medical advisory boards to voiceover for promotional videos and training material.

With transcripts, speed is often of the essence but accuracy and quality are equally important. For this reason, our transcribers are skilled writers as well as professional linguists.

We can provide a transcript of any material recorded on virtually any format, including video, audio tapes, CDs and other audio files such as MP3, Mpeg or WAV.

Our transcribers can provide a verbatim transcript of the source material, a version corrected in terms of grammar, language and flow, or a summary of the key points. When transcribing video clips, we can also include time codes for use in dubbing or voiceover.

Transcription to alternative formats

We also provide a range of specialist services to support the visually impaired – including audio, Moon, Braille and large-print transcriptions – allowing you to connect with more than two million people in the UK who experience some degree of visual impairment, including customers, colleagues and staff.

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