Is it time you hooked up with a website translation connector?

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

If you’re currently managing your global website translations through the tedium of copy and paste, then this blog may soon be your new best friend!

With almost 75% of users opting for websites written in their own language, the chances are you’re involved in a whole heap of website localisation, on a regular basis.

And you’ll know that manually capturing every piece of multiple language content to send to your Language Service Provider can be a repetitive, miserable task. It’s a time waster, burns through resources and can result in an unacceptable number of accidental human errors.

Your websites need localised updates quickly, accurately and efficiently, yes?

Keeping on top of your global websites is essential – the contents of your CMS need to be readily available worldwide – and as we’ve already ascertained, most people prefer to read things in their native language.

If you’re turning out copious amounts of content, such as product info, service updates, blogs, e-letters  & infographics, that’s a lot of time-sensitive translation you’ve got going on.

A headache in anyone’s language!

So maybe it’s time to bring some extra tech to the table…

…in the form of a website translation connector! These nifty tools take away the pain of copy & paste, cut down on errors and free up time and resources for more interesting business pursuits. They’re at the top of the technology tree for localisation because they can automate large chunks of the process, handle the import and export of vast amounts of material, generate new jobs and keep the website wheels in motion.

Here’s how they work:


While you retain full visibility and control, a website translation connector provides the link between your CMS and your translation partner’s system. It puts them in direct communication, allowing for speed and high quality translations at scale. Your content transfers across to their system, their team translates it and then pops it back to your CMS for client review! Hurrah.

They’re a seamless transition engine, designed to streamline and automate the time-consuming task of manually updating content and are now an integral part of website translation technology; accelerating and simplifying the whole website localisation process.

And because there’s less human manipulation, the logistical issues of remembering what’s already been sent, what’s come back, and keeping up with the endless collation of material can all be sent packing.

Think of them as a magic pill for marketers, whose time is far too precious to spend transferring translation content from A to B for days on end!

Does your business need one?

It’s all in the type and volume of content you produce. You’ll benefit from a website connector if your business is big on blogs, product pages, case studies, videos and the like. They make it easier to stay on top of multilingual content and allow you to make regular updates and changes across multiple websites in just one hit.

And the more languages you’re translating, the more useful it becomes. So, if you’re a global company looking to build an online presence in multiple languages, this piece of technology could be just the ticket.

Will your CMS work with a website connector?

Yes. If we’re your translation partner, you can be sure we’ll make it work for you. We use a range of website connectors to link common Content Management Systems (CMS), including Drupal and Sitecore, with our own translation management system. This means your source content can be transferred directly to us at the touch of a button, and back again – eliminating the manual transferral of reams of content, for good!

Even the more unusual CMSs don’t pose a problem

Website connectors aren’t put off by less well-known CMSs either. They work for all kinds of systems, including Adobe Experience Manager, Umbraco, Hubspot and Contentful. Plus, we’re able to provide a tailored solution if your system is a little out of the ordinary! We offer a bespoke translation API, custom-built to fit your needs. Much like an off-the-shelf connector, our API allows you to automate the transfer of files with the click of a mouse.

So let’s wrap up the business benefits:

  • Streamlined process – removes stress, saves time, money and mistakes
  • Faster to market – beat the competition with quicker turnaround times
  • Simple – intuitive nature makes the whole translation process easier
  • Specific – select just the pages or languages you want to change
  • SEO friendly – tags, meta tags and categories are all in the translation mix
  • Full visibility – you’re always in control and can check in on your translations

Convinced of the many website connector advantages – want to find out more?

If you’re ready to cut right down on your copy & paste pain and embrace the world of website connectors, then we’re here for you! It’s pretty easy to get started and we can sort the whole process for you.

At Comtec we have box fresh solutions for the major CMSs and can build customised integrations through our range of Translation APIs if you’re operating on a different type of system.

Talk to us about the range of connectors and bespoke solutions we have available to suit your global campaign needs. Visit our technology page or book a call with our Head of Commercial, James Brown, today to discuss further.

P.S. If you’re about to embark on translating your website, make sure you read our guide: 6 Steps to translate and localise your website

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