Our latest guide provides practical guidance for making the translation process for your learning and training content much simpler

As a Learning and Development team, creating and delivering learning and training programmes is what you’re great at. But when working in an international company you have the added challenge of developing programmes that perform on a global scale.

You need to develop programmes and then translate the content – sometimes in many languages – without sacrificing time, quality or learner engagement.

Whilst this sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to be. With the right processes in place, you won’t find yourself lost in translation.

Our latest guide, Delivering an effective multilingual L&D programme, provides practical guidance for making this process much simpler.

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We’ve broken down the process into three straightforward sections: before, during and after translation. This allows you to take a step back and plan the project as a whole – mitigating costly and time-consuming challenges.

The guide covers:

  • Collaborating with your international colleagues to get speedy turnarounds
  • Optimising your source content to get the highest quality translations
  • Ensuring your translation partner is delivering great ROI

If you think there’s room for improvement and you could be getting better results from your multilingual learning and training content, this guide is for you. It will help you identify the factors that are slowing the translation process down or adversely affecting the cost of translations.

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Could you get even more effective L&D translations?

At Comtec we’re continuously improving the services we offer our clients to deliver the highest quality and most effective translations for their global learners. We achieve this in the following ways:

  • By listening to our clients and understanding the challenges they have to get the results they want,
  • By aligning our processes and systems with our clients’ so that we become an extension of their team,
  • By promoting open communications with all parties involved in the development of multilingual learning and training content,
  • By sharing our market and sector-specific knowledge and expertise to help our clients increase learner engagement in their target markets,
  • By reviewing and learning from each translation project we’re involved in, so our clients get high-quality translations every time.

Our new guide is informed by our experience working with global L&D teams on a wide variety of different learning and training programmes.

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If you would like to speak to me about translating your L&D programmes, please get in touch. In the meantime, download our new guide today to get more value from your learning and training translations.


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