Success Stories: Significantly reducing project costs for Advanced

Comtec successfully reduced project costs by 85% when translating Advanced’s healthcare and clinical support database

Advanced master-rgbOur client Advanced develops IT solutions for ‘out of hospital’ community care providers. We were recently tasked with translating their extensive healthcare and clinical support database ‘Odyssey’ for clients in Switzerland.

With a tailored and carefully managed approach, we successfully localised the entire database within just 6 months, while delivering the highest quality translations. What’s more, by using advanced translation memory software, we were able to reduce our client’s costs by 85%!

Impressed with the quality of our work, quick turnaround times and money saved, we continue to translate database updates annually for Advanced. Here’s how we carried out their project:

Ensuring terminological accuracy and local knowledge of Swiss medical practices

We selected a professional, native Swiss German medical translator to translate the database based on their extensive medical translation experience.

Innovative technical solutions to ensure cost savings of 85%

Using translation memory software and a custom data export solution developed in-house, we significantly reduced the word count by removing repeated content and ‘locking out’ text not requiring translation.

Adding value through effective liaison with the client’s local market reviewer

We worked closely with the clients’ reviewer to ensure all preferred terminology and style was adopted throughout.

“Comtec provide us with a tailored and customer-focused approach. They developed a custom technical solution just for us, which allows us to save a great deal of time and money on each project. They also liaise closely with our designated reviewer, to ensure translations are accurate and specific to our client’s needs. Comtec is the perfect translation partner for Advanced.”

Jeremy Dale, Director of Clinical Knowledge Unit, Advanced

Fast Facts
  • ISO 9001:2008 certifications guaranteed the highest quality standards
  • Batch delivery of translations allowed for ongoing reviews by local market
  • Project plans were provided and closely followed to ensure timely deliveries
  • Custom technical solution developed to propagate entire database with translations
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