Success Stories: Helping Oleo stay on track with accurate technical translations

Helping Oleo stay on track during their rapid expansion into new international markets

Oleo design and manufacture energy absorption solutions for the rail and elevator sectors, as well as for wider industrial applications. Oleo knew that launching effectively into a series of lucrative overseas rail sector markets meant investing in high quality, accurate translation of their material, to communicate effectively new customers. They enlisted Comtec to localised their highly technical brochure and website content into six different languages.

Here’s how we tailored our approach to Oleo’s needs:

Expert translation teams with sector-specific technical knowledge

We hand-picked translators with the appropriate in-depth technical knowledge of the rail sector to ensure the high quality translations and accurate use of terminology throughout.

Creation of a glossary of key terms to ensure terminological accuracy and consistency

To ensure we captured all company specific terminology, acronyms and abbreviations, we compiled a comprehensive glossary for review prior to starting the project. This also ensured consistency of approved terminology across both web and print materials.

Advanced translation memory software used to ensure cost and time savings

Our innovative software stores all translated copy and retains information about style, tone and terminology to ensure more efficient localisation of content for subsequent projects. We reused existing translations completed for Oleo to gain a head-start on the process and lower costs.

Fast Facts

•    ISO 9001:2008 certifications guaranteed the highest quality standards
•    Teams of translators with relevant specialist technical knowledge hand-picked
•    Translation memory software utilised to reduced costs and timescales
•    Languages included Chinese, Russian, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish

30 years of translation experience

An award-winning translation agency, we provide fast, accurate and high-quality translations in over 200 languages. We’re the trusted language partner for many leading companies who call on our expert knowledge of international business and languages to help them expand into new markets overseas.

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