Target an international audience cost-effectively by setting up a microsite

Setting up a foreign language landing page or microsite can be a fast and effective way to target an international audience cost-effectively.

Research has shown that businesses are up to three times more likely to buy from you if they can access your website in their own language(1). With this in mind, you may like to consider setting up a landing page or microsite for your company in one or more languages. This is a highly cost-effective option to test your new markets and increase your web presence.

By working with your existing web developers or one of our trusted partners, we can help to set up a shorter version of your site based on your existing website design, but translated into other languages. This can include key facts about your products or services with a form to request more information. Based on the performance of the site, you can then make an informed decision about whether to translate your complete website into the language of your target market.

(1) Common Sense Advisory
Companies that are proactive in their use of foreign languages can almost double their export sales.

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