The Importance of good Interpretation

The man, who was interpreting the General Assembly speech by Libya’s Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, this time last year, reportedly broke down towards the end of the 96-minute speech saying “I just can’t take it any more”.

Colonel Gaddafi had insisted on using his own translator rather than taking advantage of an official interpreter. The Gaddafi incident is just one example of how taxing the job of an interpreter can become during major and unfolding events.

Large international events like the General Assembly may require as many as 100 additional interpreters. If a speaker becomes passionate, the interpretation should reflect that passion and remain faithful to the speaker. Interpreters are part actors; whatever emotions the speaker has, you have to convey it in the interpretation.

Comtec Translations understand certain interpretation jobs can become truly difficult if a delegate begins to read quickly from a text, or starts quoting from a document that the interpreters did not have access to.

As well as Comtec’s translators who work with the written word, Comtec also provides carefully assessed interpreters who specialise in the spoken language. They act as a valuable facilitator in face-to-face situations ranging from contract negotiations, conferences and social gatherings, to medical consultations and court appearances. Whatever your needs, our skilled interpreters are always on hand to keep communication channels open.

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