Translating the untranslatable: how to translate content in PDF format


Content included in PDF format may need to be translated as part of a translation project.
Whether it is a financial statement, industry report, market research paper, or legal contract, the content may only be available in PDF format. PDFs cannot be edited, and while it is preferable to translate directly from an original, editable source document, this is often not always possible as the original may not be available.
Not a problem. Being top-notch problem solvers, Comtec is here to give you the low-down on how to translate the seemingly untranslatable PDF.

Text-readable PDFs

Translating ‘text-readable’ PDFs is usually quick and simple. Using specialist software we can convert PDFs into a suitable format for translation. Text heavy documents convert exceptionally well and only minimal formatting after text extraction may be required in order to retain the original look and layout.
If your PDF is a fully art worked document, such as a sales brochure or product catalogue, a greater amount of formatting may be needed. As part of our desktop publishing service, Comtec is on hand to fully recreate your document using the original text layout and imagery.

Non text-readable PDFs

Non text-readable PDFs are usually created from scans of documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates or wills.
Depending on the quality of the scan, text can either be extracted using our PDF conversion software and then formatted as per the original, or created entirely from scratch. Though both methods may take some time, our desktop publishing (DTP) team will work their formatting magic and recapture the look of the original.
Translating from a PDF file will always require some work to make the finished version as perfect as the original, but Comtec is always on hand to make the process speedy and hassle-free!
If you have any further questions regarding translating from a PDF, or would like a free translation quote, please contact a member of our customer services team on + 44 (0) 1926 335 681 or email info@comtectranslations.com

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