Webinar: Gender Equity in Language: Translating content for inclusive engagement

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

With a worldwide shift towards greater inclusion and gender equity, modern day communications need to engage with progressive, gender-fair language that remains faux pas-free in translation too.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to achieving this, however, the benefits are well proven. Did you know organisations with an inclusive gender-fair culture not only provide richer working environments but are 70% MORE LIKELY to engage new markets?

In this webinar, Karolina Janas, Comtec’s Project Manager, chats to expert linguists about how the variations in the use of gender in language (such as referring to professions or objects as male or female) might account for differences in gender equity attitudes.

In this webinar, we hear about some crucial considerations, to include:

  • The clear importance of gender-fair language in today’s society and why brands and businesses who don’t embrace the value of gender-inclusive language may be losing out.
  • Why you need to take into account the intersectionality of the forces that shape language use in each country; gender is always relevant but so are other factors related to the audience (such as age, profession, and social background).
  • The different levels of inclusivity depending on content type, needs and context use.
  • A discussion as to why ‘gendering’ is a difficult task and requires sensitivity and consideration of the message, not just changes to grammar or a ’surface’ approach.
  • The importance of knowing your budget spend is seen as inclusive and fair; with examples of why you don’t want your work to be undermined by poor translation.