Translations and project management that save time

The client

The Domino Group is a leading manufacturer of coding and printing solutions and supplies. They sell their solutions in over 120 countries worldwide.

The challenge 

Domino has ongoing translation requirements for a variety of projects. These include:

– Multilingual website translation and localisation

– Translating marketing and technical content, including information sheets, press releases and digital assets

We are now supporting them with the translation of all marketing communications into a wide variety of European languages. 

How we did it

At the start of our partnership we helped Domino to establish a network of local–market language leaders. This is an important step for translation reviews, as in-market colleagues can provide local knowledge and expertise, particularly when it comes to terminology, style and tone. Our team supported the local teams with a simple workflow, assisted by a range of online tools, making providing feedback as straightforward as possible.

When we’re working across multiple projects for one client, translation memory software is a great asset. In Domino’s case, we’ve used it to develop a memory across all their languages. This saves time, ensures quality and consistency, and reduces costs across projects. We continue to build and maintain the translation memory for all ongoing projects, ensuring that all feedback is captured and applied.

This collaborative working approach was also essential for the multilingual website. We worked closely with both Domino’s in-house technical team, and external web software developers to establish an effective process for the exchange of content from their CMS.

By streamlining processes, creating clear workflows and harnessing technology, we’ve removed many of the friction points that can slow down the translation process. In doing so, we’ve saved Domino’s central marketing team time and given them peace of mind. We continue to work with the team to look at how we can evolve the process with new tools to continually improve. 

Fast facts

  • Website translation and localisation of Domino’s website for key markets
  • Weekly translations of a wide variety of technical and marketing materials
  • Fast turnaround times to ensure new products and upgrades are launched on schedule
  • Translating content into a wide variety of languages, including French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Dutch
  • Established review and feedback processes with local–market specialists
  • Provided technical support for Domino’s website development agency
  • Aligned services with Domino’s global business strategies
"We have been working with Comtec for four years and have been very pleased with their services. They have developed very close working relationships with our language leaders across the globe, delivering everything from brochures to videos, social media content, press materials and websites. They really do operate as an extension of our team and we look forward to working alongside them on many more successful launches moving forward."
- Distribution Marketing Manager for Domino, Sheila Richardson

Final thoughts 

Domino’s situation is complex with multiple languages and markets involved, together with the need to centrally produce a lot of marketing content to support their global sales activities. Our team helped simplify the process and continue to support them today. We offer more than simply translations, we help to make workflows more efficient and support project management by defining clear processes. 

If you have multiple translation projects, or are managing multilingual marketing for a global business, we’d be happy to speak to you about how we can help.

How can we help?

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