• We have translated content for over 35 global organisations through our projects with Sponge
  • Translated into over 50 language combinations
  • 178 projects completed and counting!
  • Hand-picked linguists for every project based on their subject-area expertise and elearning translation experience
  • Full end-to-end localisation process, from text translation, to image and video localisation, to elearning authoring tool implementation

The client

Sponge is an award-winning digital learning agency. They’re an ambitious, high-growth organisation, combining creativity, learning science and technology to deliver digital learning solutions for the world’s leading brands, including AstraZeneca, GSK, IKEA and Tetra Pak.

The challenge

We’ve been working with the team at Sponge for almost a decade. Our partnership is built on trust, shared values, ambition and commitment to excellence for both our clients.

Sponge has an outstanding reputation and that’s how they continue to attract global corporations. We’ve worked closely with Sponge to deliver digital learning courses for their clients within the pharmaceutical, charity, NGO and technology sectors.

Working with such large corporations, many of which have stringent L&D policies, can be challenging – here’s how we uphold Sponge’s reputation.

How we did it

Some of the projects we partner on need translating into over 40 languages, often simultaneously. It’s important with this kind of undertaking that the project is managed meticulously and is as streamlined as possible. We work closely with Sponge and their end–clients to establish clear and efficient processes. This allows everyone involved to focus on their priorities, confident that we will deliver the high–quality work they need.

When it comes to L&D, timescales can be very strict. Often for legal reasons, many programmes need to be rolled out at the same time in all languages. Project plans are essential to make sure we are hitting milestones when we need to. They provide Sponge with visibility over each stage of the process, and allow them to keep their client regularly updated on project progress. They showcase our expert knowledge of the bigger picture and demonstrate that Comtec has everything in hand.

Once translations are created, the review process is also crucial. It has to be as quick and simple as possible for the client to make sure they can sign off each foreign language programme. High quality is paramount for this, but what’s more, making sure all markets are hitting the same quality standard is essential to ensuring there aren’t any hold-ups in one market that waste time overall. To ensure this process goes smoothly, alongside our project plans and hand-picked teams of expert linguists, we request reference material from the end–client. These resources, such as company glossaries, style and tone–of–voice guides, ensure that the content feels like it’s written internally.

Final Thoughts

We understand that, for L&D departments, creating a seamless translation process that doesn’t commandeer internal team’s time is essential. That’s why process, quality checks and making sure each project is as streamlined and as enjoyable as possible is so important to us.

If you’re looking for a translation partner to help support your internal L&D team, we’d be happy to discuss your challenges and see how we can help.

Talk to one of our friendly team members to start growing your business on a global scale.