• 18% increase in the number of visitors to the website across all languages
  • 23% improvement in global page views
  • 36% rise in the number of pages viewed per visitor
  • 3.8% decrease in the overall number of visitors leaving the website on the first page
  • 8% increase in total time on page

The client

Achilles is a supply chain risk and performance management company that connects suppliers with leading buyer organisations in 11 industry sectors globally.

The challenge

Following a rebrand, the company needed to migrate its website to a new CMS. We were asked to translate and localise the new website, initially into Spanish, Norwegian and Portuguese.

With a project deadline of just three months, which included web development, copywriting and full localisation, this was no small task. We would need to rely on our expert team to deliver a streamlined process.

How we did it

We worked closely with Achilles’ digital marketing team, their local market teams and their web agency to help them successfully launch their new multilingual website in these three markets. After this initial success, we then closely followed with Germany, Sweden and Italy.

As part of the rebranding exercise, content on the existing website was rewritten to reflect a new tone of voice and then localised for each market. We worked closely with Achilles’ stakeholders and content creators to make sure translations were not only engaging for each market audience but reflected the new brand.

Whilst words are our speciality, we also help guide the technical process for website translations. The Achilles team migrated the website to WordPress and invested in the WPML plugin – a great tool for simplifying multilingual content management. As WPML partners, we were able to streamline translation workflows; quickly and effectively translating content as it was made available.

Final Thoughts

Launching your localised website in a new market is an exciting pathway to fresh opportunities and potential growth. To make sure that journey is as smooth as possible, a clear strategy and the right translation partner are essential. Think of them as your compass and navigator. Together you’ll keep costs under control, save your team time and remove stress from the process. They’ll also be a sounding board to ensure that your ideas and vision ‘translate’ to what you have in mind.

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