• Translating a coordinated monthly internal newsletter into six languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish
  • After Nomad Foods’ recent acquisition of Findus, we adapted our process to add Swiss German to the monthly newsletter
  • Hand-picked translation team with communications expertise and relevant industry experience
  • Translation and subtitling for internal video content
  • L&D translations and guidance for new learning programmes

The client

Nomad Foods is Europe’s largest frozen food company, boasting a portfolio of leading brands, including Birds Eye, Findus and iglo.

The challenge

Nomad Foods started an internal newsletter to share important company news with their factories, and across the wider business, in 6 core languages. They wanted to engage their multilingual workforce and give them easy access to key stories.

Nomad Foods already had an excellent external marketing agency pulling together the newsletter content. Our job was to work in conjunction with these teams to translate and localise the newsletter.

How we did it

We spent time getting to the core of Nomad Foods’ brand and understanding the company’s history, values and ways of working. We familiarised ourselves with existing marketing content to understand the preferred style and tone of voice. Armed with this information, we selected the best linguistic team for the job. Each linguist had extensive experience in both food manufacturing and internal communications. We then provided them with an in-depth briefing on Nomad Foods.

To ensure we had the right tone and style for each territory, we worked closely with the local–market teams to review the translated content. By doing so, we made sure all internal teams were ‘on side’ and could guarantee high-quality translations moving forward.

Working in partnership with Nomad Foods’ internal comms agency, we quickly established a good relationship and an effective workflow between us. This rapport ensured that we could streamline the process of creating the content and making sure it was fully localised for each market.

By establishing a smooth transition between content creation, design and translation, we relieved the strain on Nomad Foods’ internal team. Our collaborative and flexible way of working guarantees that not only is the newsletter high quality and engaging for each audience, but delivered on time every month.

We have since worked with Nomad Foods on a series of other projects, including:

  • Translation and subtitling for weekly COVID update video communications
  • External marketing messaging around sustainability
  • L&D training programmes and digital learning

Final Thoughts

By taking the time to get to know Nomad Foods’ brand early on, we’ve built a long-standing partnership with them. The team trusts us with a wide range of translation projects that are often complex with very quick turnarounds.

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