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What’s your flavour? Pepsi variations around the world

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To learn from Pepsi, one size (or flavour) does not fit all. To suit the varying taste buds of customers around the world, the leading soft drink manufacturer has come up with around 100 different flavours for international markets.

The strangest flavours

Among the strangest flavours are Pepsi Ice Cream, Pepsi Fire (hot cinnamon flavour) and Pepsi Ice (mint flavour), sold in several markets including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Over recent years they have also created several limited edition flavours, including Pepsi White (yogurt flavour), Pepsi Pink (strawberry milk flavour), Pepsi Mont Blanc, a limited edition Pepsi based on a French chestnut desert, and Pepsi Ice Cucumber, (cucumber flavour), all sold in Japan for a limited time. The company even briefly tried out a morning-specific drink, launching Pepsi AM, a caffeine-rich version of regular Pepsi, in 1989; and discontinuing it just a year later.

Changing a product for event sponsorship

The company also creates flavours to promote international events, such as the limited edition Pepsi Gold, launched to coincide with the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

What can UK companies learn from this?

Companies thinking of launching a product or service overseas should note that one size does not fit all. They need to be prepared to adapt their offerings to suit international buyers.

Forward-thinking companies know they need to carefully research any potential target markets so they can adapt their products accordingly to suit local tastes, needs, standards and regulations.

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