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Cutting edge technology for a seamless service

We think that technology should make things simple, not complicate them. Our use of technology is highly sophisticated but the outcomes are simple – we make the most of technology to improve quality, reduce costs and speed up turnaround times.

With our in-house developers we’re able to create clever solutions tailored to individual client requirements. More importantly, when it comes to finding the solution, we will find a way!

As a business, we’re always looking for ways to further improve our service and this applies to technology too. We’re always busy finding out how to improve our use of technology and we love developing new tools to help our clients.

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Dovetail Translation Management System and Client Portal

Our translation management system reduces delivery time

Developed in-house, our translation management system, Dovetail, gives us the tools to deliver a faster and more efficient service to our clients. The platform brings together our project management team and global network of linguists whilst integrating our translation memory software to speed up the translation process, while also ensuring all projects are delivered in-line with our meticulous quality framework.

In addition to functioning as our in-house Translation Management System for all projects, client access is also available through the Dovetail portal. The portal provides transparency and control over the translation process for our clients, with the option to request quotes and upload documents for translation, check the status of projects together with accessing all previously translated content. 

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Translation Memory Software

Keeps more money in your piggy bank

If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well. Not twice. Our sophisticated translation software creates a memory from your translation projects, including specific technical terminology about your product or service, which can be retrieved and used again. There are a whole host of benefits, including faster turnaround times, reduced translation costs and consistency of translations from one medium to another, e.g. translating brochures to website content and training material. It also enables us to handle large volume projects within tight timescales whilst ensuring quality and consistency are achieved.

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Translation Alignment Tools

Bring your existing translations into our system

If you’ve got a range of translated material in multiple file formats, we’re able to take it all and put it into our translation memory with the original English text. You receive all the benefits of our sophisticated translation memory software straight away, without waiting to build up the translation memory. Seamlessly synchronised.

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Dovetail Connect

Plug in to publish new content online fast

Updating websites in multiple languages can be a very time consuming task and tricky to keep on top of. To help address these challenges, we’ll work closely with you to link our translation management system (Dovetail) with your website to allow the direct transfer of content for translation. By setting up the link, it avoids the need to copy and paste content and most importantly reduces your project management time. When you send content to us for translation, we’ll then return it back to your website for you to approve and publish – all by the click of a button which you control.

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Dovetail Transform

Automagically converts your files in any format

We pride ourselves on being able to handle content in just about any file format and, on top of that, making sure our clients get the benefits of translation memory technology whatever the file format. This can be a bit tricky for some of the less common formats such as AutoCAD .dwg files, or fully customisable formats such as XML. That’s why we’ve developed Dovetail processing tools, which follow automated steps to prepare files for translation avoiding having to manually isolate translatable and non-translatable text. The result: better quality translations and maximum use of translation memory software. The result reduces costs for our happy clients.

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Semi-Automated Translations

½ machine, ½ human translations for large volumes of content

We haven’t genetically modified anything, just looked at efficient ways to speed up the process for very large, very quick turnaround projects. Text is initially machine translated and then one of our linguists who are a specialist in the topic and native speaker of the language reviews it. This translated content is not of a standard to be widely published, but it does provide an accurate and reliable understanding of the original content.

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Online Review Tools

Our review tools collect feedback on your translations

Providing feedback on translations is vital. So we make it as easy as possible for you and your local market teams to tell us what you like and what you don’t like. This ensures that we are delivering exactly the style and tone that your local markets need. Our online Review Tool lets local market teams view translated content and provide their feedback quickly and easily. Not only does this save time, it also provides a seamless way for us to make all the necessary updates to the translation memory and glossary once the final content is signed off. The use of this technology also ensures that preferred terminology and style is used automatically in subsequent content, time and time again.

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How we get the best results

Translations, language and business are the true passions at the heart of Comtec, making us one of the leading translation companies in the UK. We focus on what’s important to you and our size means we’re able to be flexible, integrate with your existing processes and add value at every stage. We follow quality assurance processes and conduct regular checks on our translators too, so you know we’re on top of our game at all times.