Comtec Translator Open Day

Comtec’s Translator Open Day – it was great to see so many of our translators at our recent Translator Open Day!

Comtec Translator Open Day

You probably know that Comtec Translations works in over 200 languages.  But you may not know how we manage to deliver expert translations for such a broad range of businesses and sectors and across so many different languages.  Well, that’s down to our worldwide network of translators.

Our translators come from all over the world and work only into their mother tongue.  They are hand-picked based on their specialist knowledge in a particular industry sector or field to ensure the perfect match for each project.

Last week, we invited our network to our head office in the Midlands for a Translator Open Day, to thank them for all their hard work and keep them up to date with what’s going on at Comtec.

Comtec founder Dr Isabella Moore talked about the early days of the company, her own passion for language and how she grew the company.  Current Managing Director, Sophie Howe, talked about the future, her plans for expanding the team and a rebrand including a new website.

With workshops on project management, quality control, translation technology and the impact of social media on translation, there was an opportunity for these often isolated workers to exchange views.  During the networking sessions, sounds of many different accents filled the air as translators conducted a lively debate about trends in language, new words, phrases and idioms.

A pre-event survey of our freelancers helped us see what they value about their relationship with us and how we can work better together.  95% of them considered the Comtec team ‘very often’ or ‘always’ helpful and they also thought the projects we gave them were interesting and varied.  Our project managers came in for some more praise, as the translators appreciated their technical expertise, quick response to queries and their helpful and friendly manner.  They also told us they thought our quality assurance procedures were robust, that we set reasonable deadlines and that they appreciated our prompt and efficient payment system.

Our clients need to communicate fast and with the right message in every language, meaning we need to use the very best translators for each assignment.  We have always considered our relationships with our translators as vital to the success of our business and we believe, if we look after them, they will look after our clients.  They’re a great bunch of people and we thought you’d like to know about them.

You can view just some of the photos taken during our Open Day at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you’re looking to expand into a new market overseas and have any questions about how to approach communication requirements with new markets, please contact a member of our team on + 44 (0) 1926 335 681 or email

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